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Crafting A Will To Fit Your Needs

When most people think of estate planning, a will comes to mind. While a will isn’t the only estate planning tool, it certainly is an important one, and it accomplishes several important objectives.

To be fully effective, however, a will should be carefully tailored to your situation – reflecting your assets and debts, your loved ones, your wishes regarding inheritances and the like. Do-it-yourself or one-size-fits-all wills are not advisable. They may leave your estate open to disputes, hefty tax burdens and costly probate proceedings.

At Mignanelli & Associates, Ltd., we can assist you in crafting a will that is carefully tailored to fit your needs and wishes. Our lawyers are long-standing leaders in the estate planning field. Since 1984, we have served generations of clients in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. You can find peace of mind knowing that, here, your future will be well in hand with a solid and comprehensive estate plan.

What A Will Does

A will can be adapted to fit your unique needs and life situation. Through a will, you can:

  • Distribute property to your heirs or charitable causes
  • Exclude certain heirs
  • Designate guardians for your minor children

Notably, a will by itself won’t allow your estate to avoid probate. Wills must be validated through the probate process. However, other tools such as trusts can enable you to transfer property outside the court process while also offering more flexibility in distributing assets and minimizing your estate tax burden.

Talk To Our Attorneys About Drafting Or Revising Your Will

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